Our Shanghai studio is busy daily with DJ's and performers streaming from our chroma keyed box, except for spring 2020, the fold in time, marked by the invisible enemy. Keeping community at home, streamers took to their bedrooms, balconies, kitchens to produce live shows on SHCR's sudden decentralized platform. Schedules fluid and only finalized moments before air time, this was a space built-in emergency and without precedence-most of the outside world was still unaffected.
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Months later we face the situation in reverse. Panic is high almost everywhere with China as the exception. Now that "Shanghai is back to normal" we question what is that normal? Is the most futuristic city now thrust back "to normalcy"? Is going back to normal going back to the past?

As Shanghai Community Radio is based in China since 2017, our broadcasting platform is mainly on Bilibili哔哩哔哩 as opposed to Facebook Live, IG Live, or Youtube Live.