Emotional Porn
– Exhibition of the Self. 

The recent digital revolution has brought us to constantly produce visuals of ourselves which are strongly influenced by conventions of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, and social positioning. For Body (UN)mute Keren Rosenberg will create a live performative act questioning what it means to perform for a camera. Where does the body finish and the screen starts? An audiovisual art installation which explores our social obsession in self-exposure through the use of modern technology.

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Keren Rosenberg (IL) is an Amsterdam based performer, choreographer and movement researcher. With her artistic voice, she articulates a physical and sociopolitical gaze over the body and the environment it functions in. She creates experiences between night-club and stage, between rock concert and exhibition hall. Keren has been performing her work in the Netherlands as well as internationally, she is an artist in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam, supported by the Nieuwe Makersregeling, Performing Arts Fund.