ICK (International Choreographic Arts Centre), directed by Emio GrecoPieter C Scholten, is an acclaimed dance platform that produces international dance performances, collaborates with guest artists and initiates various education and research projects. The interconnectedness of all the activities of the platform is reinforced by an endless fascination for the body in all its facets. ICK approaches past, present and future with a rucksichtslos idealism coming from the intuition of the body.  
Bogomir Doringer is a visual artist and artistic researcher interested in researching various social phenomena that are the consequence of social-political interactions. These phenomena manifest itself on bodies and in bodies of humans (people), crowds. He has been researching the ritual of masking and dancing in contemporary society. He established the definition of dance of urgency, a dance that rises in times of personal and collective crises. Such a dance aims to empower individuals and groups. From 2021 on, he will be associated artist of ICK.  
The first collaboration between ICK and Bogomir Doringer was the event he curated with Arad Inbar during Amsterdam Dance Event 2018: Body in Revolt. A full afternoon program with talks, films, performances and music focused on club culture as an initiator of changes. This online festival can be seen as a follow-up but takes place in a whole new world where the club is now a no-go area. Every crisis has its own space of urgency, and for this one, it is the online space.

Body (un)mute website and online event experience have been developed by Rafael Kozdron.